Saturday, 29 September 2007

28th September - Cooking Night

When I called in last night there were some fantastic smells coming from the kitchen, and the muffins looked amazing. Hopefully they'll taste OK too. If you were there last night then tell us what you thought. Do you want more cooking nights? Or could we do it better? Just click on the 'Comments' button below and leave us a message.



Anonymous said...

Hi, Raymond here

I thought it was really good last night and we should do it again if the muffins and cakes taste nice.

Anonymous said...


love rose and soph! xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,just to let you know that the muffins you made went down a bomb.Thanks for all your help on Sat 3rd Nov.I was asked if the muffins were professionally made because they were so good.We managed to make £472.This will be given to the Great Commission Trust and then sent on to the Nakuru projects to be used where they feel it would be most useful.Please let me know if you have any more good ideas for fund raising,thanks once again. EVE